How to market and sell remotely

How To Market And Sell Remotely

The Covid-19 lock down period forced all business owners to close down.  As a result we need to think differently about how to keep customers engaged for the time when we could re-open again.

We teamed up with the company that helps with our website and marketing to bring you a free webinar on how to market and sell remotely.

They have been 100% remote for seven years but have built a global business and they want to share how they did it with you.  I have attended webinars from them in the past and they are always practical and useful.

This recording of the webinar covers everything from slide decks, proposals through to what to wear when you are selling on Zoom!

As we start to open our businesses again and head back to normality it is still important to market our businesses and engage with customers.

The following link will take you to a recording of the webinar.

Watch the recording